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Portland Newborn Photographer, Gretchen Barros Photography is a portrait studio specializing in maternity, family, and newborn photography.




Portland Newborn Photographer | Gretchen Barros Photography

Portland Newborn Photographer

Gretchen Barros Photography is a Fine Art Portland Newborn Photographer serving the greater Portland Area. She specializes in newborn baby and maternity photography. Gretchen also photographs families and milestone sessions. Gretchen Barros is an Award-Winning  Photographer.  Having won multiple “Best in Class” awards and “Best Child Photographer of the Year” for PPSD. Gretchen has excellent reviews on Yelp as well as on Google. Serving the  Portland OR, Vancouver WA, Camas WA, Ridgefield WA, Washougal WA, Brush Prairie WA, and Battleground WA areas. You can view more of Gretchen’s portfolio here:


Portland Newborn Photographer baby in cream floral swing

What to expect During a Session

Gretchen has over nine years of experience handling and photographing newborn babies, so know your  baby will be in good hands.  You can also view Gretchen in action here You can see some of her reviews here:    Gretchen has an extensive collection of props, wraps, headbands, hats and outfits that will please a variety of tastes. All you need to do is bring the baby, and Gretchen will take care of the rest. To view more images than just those on Gretchen’s website, you can also view images here  or here

A typical newborn  session will include a variety of poses on the bean bag, a prop of your choice, and a swaddle in a basket or bowl. Family and sibling photos are included for free when booked with a full newborn session. Newborn mini sessions are also available for those who want  just a few images of just the baby. A full newborn session is usually 3 hours long while a mini newborn session is 1-1.5 hours long. All poses will depend on the cooperation of the baby.  Even if the baby is less cooperative, Gretchen will still be able to get a variety of  swaddled images of the baby.

What do bean bag photographs look like?

Here are some examples of bean bag photographs.

Portland Newborn Photographer baby boy with a lot of hair in froggy pose Newborn on back in cream lace dressPortland Newborn Photography baby girl in bottoms up pose in lace romperTaco Pose Girl on Gray Lace

The poses Gretchen Barros, Portland Newborn Photographer, attempts during a newborn session are the following:

  • Bottoms Up
  • Froggy
  • Side laying
  • Heads Up
  • Cuddling a Stuffed Animal
  • Back Laying
  • Taco Pose

Keep in mind that not every baby will do every pose. In which case, I will try for an alternative pose. Most of the posing depends on the temperament of the baby and how much they mind being moved around while they are sleeping. Most of the images from a session will be these bean bag photos. These are the images that most focus on that baby. They are simple and capture a newborn in its purest form.


Gretchen has a variety of props available to choose from. Gretchen has one of the largest collection of newborn props in the Portland Oregon area. They include:

  • Princess carriage
  • Race Car
  • Truck
  • Airplane
  • Buckets
  • Nest
  • Driftwood bowl
  • Floral Wreath
  • Moon
  • Wagon
  • Floral drawer
  • Toy Story Set
  • Woodland Set
  • Pooh Bear Bucket
  • Antique Bed
  • Antique Pram
  • and more…

Props are very popular and unique sets can be made to customize a look for clients. The most popular prop for girls is the floral wreath followed by the princess carriage. For boys, the most popular props are the little wooden bed and the airplane. Some clients prefer more whimsical props like the Toy Story or Winnie the Pooh set, while others prefer a more simple set up like a bucket or simple bed. Gretchen has both options covered depending on what parents are looking for their session. Clients are also welcome to bring their own personal items to a session for a prop. One of the most unique props a client brought in for their session was a moose antler that had personal meaning for the client. Some clients have brought in personal items that symbolize recognition for loved ones no longer with us. Whatever it is that is you bring, Gretchen will do her best to customize your session for you.

 Portland Newborn Photography Investment

Just like wedding photos, newborn portraits are an investment in your memories. This time is fleeting and newborn babies don’t keep. Your baby will change so much over the course of the first few weeks and months. Why not capture this time and preserve it with beautiful portraits? Newborn photos can be art for your walls that you will want to keep hanging for a lifetime. Gretchen invests a lot of care and time newborn session. Each newborn session is at least a 10 hour time commitment.  The session itself is typically 3 hours long, editing the images typically takes 6-8 hours. Plus there is set up time, laundry and disinfecting the studio.

When to book

Newborn sessions are best booked when mom is still expecting. It is best to photograph a newborn between 5-14 days old, although Gretchen will photograph older newborns if scheduling allows. Please don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form even if you feel that the baby may be too old for a session. Gretchen has successfully photographed newborns as old as 6 weeks old. Although older babies often take a little more time and patience, Portland Newborn Photographer Gretchen Barros is more than willing to take the time needed to get beautiful photos for all of her clients.

Gretchen also offers maternity, family and milestone photography. Maternity portraits can be done either on location or at Gretchen’s home studio. Weather permitting, if sessions are done at the studio, there is an option to do both indoor and outdoor photos as the studio is located on Gretchen’s 5 acre property.

There are many choices for newborn photographers in the greater Portland, Oregon area. There are varying degrees of quality, experience and price. If you are looking for an affordable newborn photographer in Portland, Oregon, please consider Gretchen Barros Photography.

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Portland Newborn Photographer, Gretchen Barros Photography is an heirloom quality maternity, family, and newborn photographer serving the greater Portland area.

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