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The Ferro Family April 2010

Here are another set of photos taken at Heritage Lakes in Menifee, CA. Here is the whole family together in lovely shades of teal.

I then took photos of each of the kids. Here is the very photogenic Violet.

Here is little Scarlet. I couldn’t get her to sit still, so I just followed her around as she walked. I tempted her to come towards me with purple flowers I snatched from a nearby bush. All girls, even very little ones, seem to love flowers. It must just be in our genetic make-up.

Finally, I took a bunch of photos of little Greyson. He made the best little faces.

Can you believe those baby blues?

He fell asleep, so we quickly put him into and Easter basket. Wouldn’t you love to get this adorableness in your Easter basket?

Finally, I snapped a few of the little guy smiling at his mom. I love babies at  this age. They only have eyes for Mommy.



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